Messages from the Park

Hi guys.  I thought it might be cool to post a blog I created a few years back, but still has a ring to it.

Posted in 2015

Once in a while, if I am not in the kayak touring the rivers and lakes of Ottawa and Gatineau, I am riding my bike on trails located not too far from waterways.  Exploring is all about the act of discovery either from the perspective of the boat or the bike.

Lately I came across a few philosophic messages and I decided to compile them in today’s blog for what I call “Messages from the Park”.

One message I found was engraved on the wood of a lookout deck on the shores near the Chapman Mills Conservation Area.  Another message was etched into the metal of a pedestrian bridge located in Maple Hill Park, almost parallel to where the Rideau Rivers splits at Nicolls Island.

The photos below were snapped using my iPhone 5s.

Get off the grid, absorb the green!

“Isn’t it nice what you see when you’re not on your phone”.
Photo by Sean Christopher

Live by the Water

“Live by the Water”
Photo by Sean Christopher


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